The Importance of Mental Models in Application Design

By René Rosendahl I have written before about ease of use and the key characteristics of applications that are perceived as user-friendly. In this post, I’d like to dive deeper into what I call the “mental model” that underlies applications. I would define the mental model as the intuitive perception a user has or develops about how an application [...]

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MVP, MLP, MMF and the whole Bunch

In the context of Lean Product Development, there are now a number of acronyms in circulation among Product Managers and Agilists and many of them are similar and seem to [...]

From ALM to GLM

The Evolution of ALM Applications ALM (Agile Lifecycle Management) solutions, i.e. applications that help Agile teams deliver software solutions, have come a long way. They [...]

Views of Organizations – Mechanistic or Humanistic?

During conversations with various individuals about Agile organizations, I realized that, more often than not, there are two main ways they seem to think about them: The [...]

It’s about Time

As Agilist and developer, I recently created a Mac OS app to help with timeboxing Agile ceremonies, workshops, Lean Coffee events, etc. Check it out - maybe you'll find it [...]

Agile Debt

Many companies are very much aware of what is called “technical debt”. While there are several trains of thought and definitions around this term, I’d explain technical [...]