MVP, MLP, MMF and the whole Bunch

In the context of Lean Product Development, there are now a number of acronyms in circulation among Product Managers and Agilists and many of them are similar and seem to overlap. In essence, they are all rooted in the belief that it doesn’t make sense to launch and release complete, feature-rich products which take many months (or even years!) to develop [...]

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From ALM to GLM

The Evolution of ALM Applications ALM (Agile Lifecycle Management) solutions, i.e. applications that help Agile teams deliver software solutions, have come a long way. They [...]

Views of Organizations – Mechanistic or Humanistic?

During conversations with various individuals about Agile organizations, I realized that, more often than not, there are two main ways they seem to think about them: The [...]

It’s about Time

As Agilist and developer, I recently created a Mac OS app to help with timeboxing Agile ceremonies, workshops, Lean Coffee events, etc. Check it out - maybe you'll find it [...]

Agile Debt

Many companies are very much aware of what is called “technical debt”. While there are several trains of thought and definitions around this term, I’d explain technical [...]

Agile is Everything – Everything is Agile

As agilists, we are all fighting – to various extents – the perception that Agile is a set of processes, techniques, and (if we’re lucky enough that people understand [...]