I’m a writer with deep experience in Agile methodologies, software development, and product management, but I’m also passionate and well-versed in topics as diverse as exercise, health, human behavior, personal finance, travel, scuba diving, career development, data analysis, and visualization. I pride myself in being able to take complex topics and making them understandable for my audience by breaking them down and illustrating them in simple terms.

Here is some of the main content I’ve published over the years:

agileapplied.com – Software development, Agile and product management

35+ posts, the most recent ones:

productcraft.com – Product management

mindtheproduct.com – Product Management

agilityhealthradar.com – Agile software development; software SaaS product

InfoQ – Software and Technology

hikingkalalau.com – Adventure Blog about Kauai’s Kalalau Trail

purelythoughts.com – Miscellaneous topics

24 posts, for example:

If you’re interested in having me contribute to your blog or create content, please contact me!